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laboratoire agronomie et environnement

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The laboratory agronomy and environment is a joint research unit between INRA and the University of Lorraine  (Ensaia).

The research topics we develop are related to two different fields. On one hand, we are working on agricultural systems through the development of agri-environmental indicators and the study of the interactions agriculture/biodiversity. On the other hand we study plant secondary metabolism which is implied in the defense mechanisms and adaptation to environmental stresses. Our scales of studies range from macroscopic level (field and grassland) to the molecular level (plant metabolism studies).

Our facilities are located on two distinct geographical areas: Nancy (Lorraine) and Colmar (Alsace).

Additionally to the production of knowledge through research activity, our laboratory trains young technicians and scientists (PhD, post-docs). We are also strongly involved in the transfer of knowledge towards various economic sectors and social demand.



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